The Great Old Wyrm


One of the first Great Dragons to communicate with humanity and meta-humanity he is generally considered the most approachable of the dragons. Being slightly more approachable than not at all is still not very approachable. It is said he has lairs in both the new world and in England proper. He is heavily involved in the politics of various nations and has secretly supported the rise of Tir Na Nog. He is also a contributing columnist to the London based Times.

What little is know about the shadows and where they come from is information given by The Great Old Wyrm himself. The naive believe it gospel truth, the cynical question the motivations of what is truthfully a talking, flying, reptilian leviathan. All that is know of his own origins is that the Great Old Wyrm lived in a time before most of humanity had come along leading many sects of Christianity to think him some Demon or perhaps even the Devil himself. The Catholic church has officially denounced him as a heretic of the highest caliber and has a standing bounty of 5000 * for his expulsion from the Earthly realm. No one has been foolish enough to attempt such a feat after Dunkelzhans reaction to the announcement where he landed in the Vatican, pulled the front off the Popes personal quarters and very politely told him the he was, “unconnected to your little fancy about the Devil.” There are some reports that as the Great Old Wyrm turned to launch himself into the air he mumbled something about, “silly pagan sky god cult actually went somewhere…”. It is unconfirmed if the Great Old Wyrm actually said anything of the kind.


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