Luke Rierdan

A so-called ginger midget with a keen mind and some odious personal habits



A young red headed midget named Luke Reirdan develops first primitive wireless control systems in a tenement building while working as a butcher in a pork slaughterhouse and whole seller.


Luke Reirdan takes a young Nikola Tesla under his wing and together they found the Reirdan & Tesla Electrical Manufacturing Company and immediately patent hundreds of technologies under the company


Reirdan and Tesla develop electrical systems for Airships reducing the weight and size of the controls a great deal and consequently start developing an airship construction and design arm to their company


Reirdan and Tesla take Reirdans wireless technology to a new level with the development of analytical machines, a terminal with type keyboards and paper read outs are wirelessly connected to larger analytical machines with automated paper punch card storage system. The development is hailed as one of the great achievements of the modern age.

Luke Rierdan

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