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I’m keeping this initial Main Page of the wiki for recent changes, notes, and news. If you want to go to the actual start point of the Wiki follow the link below.

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07/31/10 The Toys of Iron and Steam section received a update today, enjoy!

08/06/10 Some updates to the Steam and Shadows and Dragons expect to see more in the next couple of days.

08/07/10 A minor update to the Steam Tech section and started a weapons list in Toys of Iron and Steam.

08/10/10 Found a great atlas and guide to London circa 1886, the material is dated for 1900 but few if any major changes took place in the fourteen year span.

09/17/10 Yeah the pistol section in Toys of Iron and Steam is done though I am still open to any suggestions for additional firearms. Also did a few of the Exotic category weapons; enjoy!

09/23/10 The rifle section is done in Toys of Iron and Steam and how is that for cool? Shotguns will soon be joining pistols and rifles on the ‘done’ list. Enjoy the above Recommended Reading page for some suggestions on how to get into that ‘Victorian feel’.

09/24/10 Oh man, what didn’t get new stuff today? Toys of Iron and Steam got more pistols, rifles, and shotguns! Skills got some ‘list’ goodness and the Advanced Concepts and Rules received a little attention, keep an eye on that section, it’s going to expand greatly over the next few days.

09/25/10 Added some vocabulary lists to Advanced Concepts and Rules and all the guns got price tags!! Buy’em while they’re hot boys! But first be sure to check Creating a Steamshadow Runner for how much money you get for your precious Character Creation Points, it is not Nuyen nor is it in the thousands per point!

10/02/10 The Characters section got some much needed attention and the timeline was fleshed out with some pretty sweet stuff.

10/03/10 ’Allo! The campaign has a fan! Many thanks to DQuartermaine for favoriting my game! So without further ado, here are the updates; the Characters section got a big update including Great Companies and some of the unique psuedo-historical characters involved with them. The timeline in Steam and Shadows and Dragons also get some TLC, I know that thing just keeps growing but hopefully it wets all of your appetites for when the more complete pages and articles roll out concerning specific people, places, and events.

10/11/10 We’ve got some updates to the The Shadows Move chapter and I’ll be spending the rest of the day working on the Toys of Iron and Steam chapter trying to get descriptions, rules, and prices on all the various stuff up in there!

02/26/11 And we’re back from a extended break to fill in more on Creating a Steamshadow Runner and some more nifty stuff in the Characters section.

9/22/11 Camwyn I took the liberty of doing a bit of editing (check the formatting on the toys page…makes it a bit easier to see that the second line is game stats for the weapons) and I am trying to clean up typos &etc

Main Page

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