There is actually very little change in the manner and method of skills in Steamshadow. However in a world with no computers to speak of obviously any and all related skills have been removed for the mundane that is. Technomancers are still alive and well in this alternative setting and retain their powers. As to the hows and whys of their existence that is better addressed in Steam Tech.

Additions to the standard of list of Skill Groups are as follows.

A few notes on skills.
Pilot Exotic Vehicle Horse i.e. Riding is far more common in the world especially in any country outside of England and France.
Chemistry is an active skill as chemical concoctions are a major component of Victorian life and can be a major element of Magic.
The Background Packages listed in Creating a Steamshadow Runner are meant to give a foundation for players to construct a character appropriate to the time and place. There was a distinct class system in the world at the time and some skills should and will be unavailable to characters of a specific background. This will also hopefully help with the “I should have a rank in that skill too” problem that many gamers face.

Complete Steamshadow Skill List by Group and Attribute

Athletics Climbing, Running, Swimming

Close Combat Blades, Clubs, Unarmed Combat

Conjuring Banishing, Binding, Summoning

Firearms Archery, Longarms, Pistols

Influence Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation

Mechanic Armorer, Industrial Mechanic, Nautical Mechanic

Medical Steambody technology, First Aid, Medicine

Outdoors Navigation, Survival, Tracking

Sorcery Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting

Stealth Disguise, Infiltration, Palming, Shadowing

Tasking Compiling, Decompiling, Registering

Technomancery Computer, Cybercombat, Data Search, Hacking


Archery, Blades, clubs, Escape Artist, Exotic Melee weapon (specific), Exotic Ranged Weapon (specific), Forgery, Gunnery, Gymnastics, Heavy Weapons, Infiltration, Locksmith, Longarms, Palming, Pistols, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat




Dodge, Pilot Exotic Vehicle (specific), Pilot Ground Craft, Pilot Watercraft


Climbing, Running, Swimming


Con, Etiquette, Instruction, Intimidation, Leadership, Negotiation


Artisan, Assensing, Disguise, Interests Knowledge, Language, Navigation, Perception, Shadowing, Street Knowledge, Tracking


Academic Knowledge, Arcana, Armorer, Chemistry, Computer, Cybercombat, Data Search, Demolitions, Enchanting, First Aid, Industrial Mechanic, Hacking, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Professional Knowledge, Steambody Technology


Astral Combat, Survival


Banishing, Binding, Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, Summoning


Compiling, Decompiling, Registering

Knowledge Skills

Academic Knowledges, Geography (specific continent), Heraldry (specific lineages), Famous People (specific social circle), Politics (specific group)


Skill Descriptions

Below is a list of skills that have their uses, either flavor or mechanically, adjusted because of the changed time frame and geography.

Forgery; this skill is no longer has any electronic components but does require the use of Artisan skills to pull off successfully. Unless the would be forger is simply hiring outsiders to construct the printing press, plates, ink, paper, and/or coin stamp they themselves will need the appropriate skills. The active use of Forgery comes when crafting the forged documents/money itself. In many ways it can be considered a highly specialized Artisan skill. The currency of the Empire has a threshold of 3 with each additional success increasing the difficulty of investigators and other forgers from recognizing the work.

Pilot Ground Craft; This mostly refers to cabs, either the larger four passenger four wheeled Growler or the smaller two to three passenger two wheeled Hansom. This skill can also be applied to various wagons and drays as well trains. While there a few cars in the world they are still difficult to get a hold off being more handcrafted devices than mass produced.


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