Steam Tech

My name is Whisker and I don’t deal in long words or big speeches so pay attention. There’s the grimy world of shadows and gas light, then there’s the world of the astral, and then there’s a third world; Autocthonia. Far as I know, the real world and the astral are connected pretty tight, big changes in one affect the other. There’s a lot of folks will tell ya that mankind is too pathetic to make those kind a changes. Except their wrong. Technology. Steam and iron and steel and gas and electricity. These things have all made the a big change in our world and a big change in the astral; so big that it created Autocthonia. It’s a world of gears, gas, electricity, and oil that a technoman can enter with their mind and change the place around and by extension the technology it’s connected to. Scares the hell out of all the big Dragons and all the royals and nobles alike. It should. Autocthonia is virgin territory. A third world without allegiance to the real dirt world or the astral. It’s own place and this it’s time.

Among us technomen we call it going Auto when we enter the place. In the Auto we can talk to each other without fear of being heard and we can create whole worlds. We can also find information; anything written or recorded can be found in the Auto. We can do everything from mess with someones steam limb or make an automobile drive off the road on its own. We are very damned much the thing you should fear. All the machines of man are tied into the Auto and that makes it the greatest invention of men ever.

All that said we have some weaknesses. Far from places of Industry and civilization the Auto is hard if not impossible to get into. While the Auto is new and virgin it’s also building it’s own flora and fauna, new creatures and dangers arise in the Auto every day and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

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Steam Tech

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