Overview of Steamshadow

The very basic premise of Steamshadow is taking much of Shadowrun in terms of game mechanics, equipment, magic, creatures, and setting concepts and transplanting them into a Victorian age setting. This will include all the Shadowrun races, statistics, and much of the equipment and rules for skill usage and gear. The major modifications come in the form of world history, organizations, how certain equipment works and also the availability of equipment. The flavor of magic is also changed though the rules will remain much the same. Instead of hyperlinking this entire paragraph I have listed out below links to various wiki pages and there equivalent chapter in the Shadowrun base book to make things a little bit easier for reference.

Steam and Shadows and Dragons Chapter One; A History Lesson for the Reality Impaired

Basic Concepts and Rules Chapter Two; Game Concepts

Creating a Steamshadow Runner Chapter Three; Creating a Shadowrunner

Skills Chapter Four; Skills. duh.

Killing Chapter Five; Combat

The Shadows Move Chapter Six; The Awakened World

Steam Tech Chapter Seven; The Wireless World

Advanced Concepts and Rules Chapter Eight; Running the Shadows

The Enemy of My Enemy Chapter Nine; Friends and Foes

Toys of Iron and Steam Chapter Ten; Street Gear

Overview of Steamshadow

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